June 02, 2019

DatBoiShoc- Artist Spotlight - Powered By: B&B Agency

Mordechai X is "DatBoiShoc He has been known under several names: Ekle,Lightning,TheSFool,TheBrowardCountyLion. He is also a producer and lyricist.@DatBoiShoc360
Fell in love with music at the age of 10 years old. His mother brought him a keyboard and paid for his piano lessons. While he was studied my piano, he experimented with notes and music and that was beginning of him producing music. Rapping and producing to him came hand in hand. He eventually developed his own unique rap style. He called himself Shoc without the K for uniqueness something different seeing that his title Dat Boi was spelled in a type of way. Shoc is for energy and enlightenment. Dat Boi is the way we speak in Pompano Beach,Broward County where he grew up. He grew up around hustlers,Rastas, and working class men. He always been researching and searching growing through things and learning from them. OG's and hustlers always influenced the rapper to stick to the music.

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