March 16, 2019

#WeStayChill Artist Spotlight: Crash Barbosa

Crash Barbosa is an American entertainer, from NY, now residing in Los Angeles. Over his career, Barbosa has been an outspoken political activist and a mental health advocate. He has worked in film as well as music. Growing up around the "Hollywood Scene" gave Barbosa an advantage and unique perspective when it came to the entertainment business. Barbosa remained focused on changing the world. Citing that his only motivation to make art is to speak the truth to the masses, Crash is also viewed as a "Disruptor." Barbosa addresses these statements by industry professionals as nothing but the truth, even though he disagrees with the connotation it is used in by many, he is also complimented for creating something new, in an industry desperate for change. Barbosa has always stood behind his words, his politics, and his character. Slowly evolving as the so-called "Dark Horse" artist to watch out for in a rapidly changing political climate, and his displayed "Zero Tolerance" policies on racism calling it disgusting, divide and conquer rhetoric, a practice only sheep partake in. If you're awake, Barbosa will amaze you with his candid authenticity and lack of fear regarding telling the truth, whether its what anybody wants to hear or isn't. If you aren’t concerned with politics, policy, human rights, or just want to dance, Barbosa will shock you with his expression of candid facts. Barbosa explains this; "How people react to the shock of the truth is up to the individual."

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Crash Barbosa

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