March 28, 2019

Rap Underdog Mystha Buwtye Hits The Scene With New Single

As soon as you hear the song, you will instantly notice the different style it brings. South Carolina artist Mystha Klutch Buwtye teamed up with DJ Traxx to create the melody and sounds you hear in the single. The song is titled, “Mystha Buwtye”. In the hook, you will hear the words, “Can I be your Mr. Buwtye?” This is the perfect love ballad. Cherishing that special someone can be a journey. With Buwtye’s lyrics, you will immediately gain the confidence you need to approach your special someone. The single isn’t like anything else that is out right now! Who calls himself Mr. Buwtye, make it sound so fly and gets away with it? The rapper and singer was born in Memphis, Tn but grew up in South Carolina. As a kid growing up, Buwtye was a jokester, class clown who was an all-around good friend to anyone willing to accept. Although Buwtye isn’t signed to a label or management company, there are some things in the works. A new album will release in time. For now, you can stream or download, “Mr. Buwtye” on all digital platforms! 

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