March 13, 2019

Kelly Boi ft. Kenny K - "Don't Talk To Me"

Monroe, LA may not be a town that that brings music talent immediately to mind, but it harbors all of the same ills as any major city that spawned your favorite rapper. It is rife with poverty, and people doing whatever it takes to lift themselves out of it. Jahmar Kelly aka Kelly Boi grew up there, the youngest of 5, with a mother widowed by a police shooting. Kelly was a year old at the time. The next 25 years of Kelly's life went much like so many young mens'. Lured in to street life. Six-year stint in the Feds which derailed the music career that until then took second place. Losing his older brother to a twenty-five year sentence and finding his best friend's dead body on his couch. Kelly's saving grace is his love for music and his talent. There is no shortage of stories. It's cathartic. Todays offering is the first of many visuals to come. Watch "Don't Talk To Me" above and stay tuned on the socials.
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