October 05, 2018

South Memphis Rapper Muney Mic Releases ”No Strings”


Muney Mic recently released a new single, “No Strings”. The single was produced by platinum producer Buck Nasty. The rapper’s love for music has been with him since a child. He grew up idolizing Master P, Scarface, Tupac, and Cash Money.  In elementary, he was apart of the drummers squad. At age 10, he discovered his passion for the rap game and began perfecting his craft. At 15, he started recording music at the studio. Later he became a member of the rap group Tru Stunnaz. After things died down with the group, he went on to release his first mixtape in 2009. Fast forward to to 2018, he is grabbing the attention of DJ coalitions and radio program directors with his new single  “No Strings”. The official video isn’t out just yet.  SMB Films will be shooting a visual to the song very soon.  The rapper grew up in the South Memphis area, known as Riverside. When asked about the song he said, ” I have multiple favorite lines in this song, like, Huddle up fuck around and put my team on that, now a bunch of niggas chasing quarterbacks. Now that line will go over alot of people head, but it is expressing how unselfish and how bad I want to see my team win. If I hit a lick or come up on a plug, I'm sharing my resources to help my people get a piece of the pie. Now I used a football in a reference because football is a team sport. It don't matter what position you play on the field, it only work if everybody playing a part to help the team make plays in order to win.” Music lovers all across the globe can now listen to ”No Strings” on all digital platforms. The single released on October 5th and is hosted by DJ Pressure.

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