September 07, 2018

WeStayChill Spotlight: DeZishun

Brothers Larry aka “Zipp-Luvv”, and Fred aka “Baddest-Dee”, go by the name DeZishun (pronounced Decision).  Born and raised in Washington, DC, they originated from the urban streets of N/W Washington, D.C. but are now based in Essex County, NJ.  Both brothers have been fixtures of the mystifying music industry as vocalists, producers, lyricists, and arrangers, persistently.  DeZishun has recorded and distributed various projects throughout the years establishing a fan base in the North East Region of The United States. They have captivated their supporters with their sultry R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop and Reggae songs/productions.  After releasing an assortment of singles namely “Studio-54”,  “It’s You”,  “Let’s Party” (Mommie Move Your Body),  “DeZishun” etc.  They’ve grown a substantial fan base and aim to stimulate people with their songs and music from the Northern-Eastern, Mid-Western, Southern and Western corridors of the United States, along with the rest of the world.
DeZishun spent seven years, as younger kids, in Monrovia, Liberia; West Africa.  Their experience in Liberia helped significantly informing and preparing them for the musical journey ahead. They later proceeded to high school as teenagers at Calvin Coolidge Senior High School in N/W Washington, DC. DeZishun pursued their undergraduate studies at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, Connecticut.  Both brothers are graduates of ECSU.  Larry aka “Zipp-Luvv”, the younger of the two, earned his Bachelors Degree in Communications (Television Production) with a Minor in Business Administration.  Whereas, Fred aka “Baddest-Dee” received a Bachelors Degree in Political Science with a Minor in Journalism.
DeZishun aspires to share their music; enabling the masses to connect with them and enjoy in their unique experience. DeZishun have worked with and learned through the tutelage of power-house producers/engineers, namely Kevin Jackson (Night Flight Recording Studio) Fort Washington, MD., Kasim Samad (Madd Bass Recording Studio) “Ill-town” East Orange, NJ., and Danny Laporte (DML Porductions/Recording Studio) East Orange, NJ. 
After releasing numerous record projects; DeZishun has successfully completed their long-awaited debut album due to be released sometime in 2019.  It has been a long strenuous journey, well traveled by the duo. It’s indeed their objective to invigorate, educate, and stimulate the minds, souls, and spirits of the masses through their music.  DeZishun predicts the time is now; in which they must contribute their portion and passion to music.  Their goal is to generate energy through live performances, including vocals, harmonies, musical and lyrical compositions.
Music has perpetually been the vessel that has provided them the platform to express and confront the significant issues to them.  They believe that it’s fittingly accurate that they positively give back to music for the opportunities and joy that it has generated in their lives. DeZishun ultimately wishes to establish and perpetuate a musical legacy that will transform the foundation of today’s music. Join them as they journey through time.

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