September 18, 2018

NJ3 Addresses Doubters In “Stay On My Grind” Single

Formally known under the stage name Miss Netra And The LOL Girlz, NJ3 reinvented themselves under the name NJ3. The group formed in 2014. All members are siblings who came up with the idea to form a all girl group. They all have a passion for singing, rapping as well as dancing. NJ3 was born in West Memphis, Arkansas and currently resides there. The group consists of members Netra J who is 16 years old, J’Nea who’s 15 and J’Kayla who is the youngest in the bunch, is 11 years old. Currently, the group is working hard to push their newest single titled “Stay On My Grind” which was produced by none other than DJ Drillen. Everyone has haters and doubters. If you do, this single is for you to enjoy. Nothing says push on better than a song from the heart. Push through, regardless of the naysayers. The single is out now and can be streamed on any digital platform including Spotify and iTunes! Later down the line, NJ3 plans to release new music. But for now, their focus is going platinum with “Stay On My Grind”. This group is hungry for success and isn’t letting their age or anything else get in their way. Watch out world, NJ3 is here to bring something new to youth music!

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