August 03, 2018


After releasing the hit single Drug dealer in late 2016  Koach Riley and Tigg$ are relaunching the single and plan to reach greater heights then it did the first time. Drug dealer was featured on many platforms where it reached a 150k streams on Spotify and was number 1 on many underground and overseas music charts. The song was first released under the group name Dinero Gang but now it will be exclusively released under Koach Riley and Tigg$ we caught up with the two and this is what they had to say ‘first we want to shoutout everybody that has been following us and supporting us this was the fans decision so we had to give the fans what they wanted” Koach Riley followed up by saying “this is round 2 this was the fans decision like Tigg$ said the song is still a banger and can do something so we sat down and talked over the move and now we here bout to do what we do best” to keep up with Koach Riley and Tigg$ make sure to follow their Instagram chief_carlito and billionairetiggs
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