August 29, 2018

JVMVR RASHAD Puts It All Out There In New Single


Formerly known as J.Rashad, 26-year-old entertainer JVMVR RASHAD vows to always stay true, to himself and his music. Since grade 9, he began to take music seriously and began perfecting his craft. His newly released album, “Chapter III” is definitely an album to listen to. The project released publicly May 19th. His second single from the album, titled, “Too Hard” is bound to have you caught up in your feelings. The single was written and produced by JVMVR. The song is very self-explanatory. When you hear the lyrics, “I try so hard to comprehend, that you were never my girlfriend.” you instantly resonate. Everyone has been in a situation where they fell hard for someone, hoping they’d feel the exact same but end up being heartbroken. It’s one of the most relatable situations! This song is playlist worthy and will be loved by many. Although this album and single is still new to him, he plans to allow the project time to mature before moving on to other creations.

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