August 03, 2018


Deezy216 has had his ups and downs over the years, from the social media slander all the way up to the signing with independent record label SBYZ. In the recent months, Deezy216 has had struggles with the label not properly abiding by contract, and also for deformation of character as he recently left the LA label. After leaving, Deezy216 comes with a all new track on all major platforms titled "NO OPTION". In this track Deezy addresses and calls out everyone from old friends, bad business partners, and even his own family. "I ain't got no other option gotta run it up for my bros" quoted from the new single as Deezy spits about how label or not, family or not, he is going to continue to grind no matter who stands in his way. To keep up with this artist follow on all social media platforms @iamdeezy216.
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