June 15, 2018

Har’money Lane Says It’s Time To Chop Chop

This rapper and songstress is all about a dollar and she means business! Memphis native Har’money Lane is not to be played with and she expresses that in her newest single, “Chop Chop”. To create the track, she teamed up with hot up and coming talent, Strapaholic. She calls him, “the jack of all trades”. When asked about creating the song, Har’money said, “I don’t like waiting on people. I like doing things myself.” At a young age, it was instilled in her to work hard for the things she wanted. Time waits for no man or woman. The 27 year old creator started doing music professionally in 2016. She first began recording in 2014. Because she went through a lot in her previous years, music was always an outlet for her. She let out all of her emotions and frustrations in the booth. With lyrics like, “When it comes to beef I’m like a wrist without a watch, I don’t have the time!” you automatically know that Har’money likes to stay in her lane. She doesn’t entertain any foolishness. This summer, you can definitely expect to hear more from Har’money Lane! Her single, “Chop Chop” will be releasing worldwide on all digital outlets. On June 8th, get ready! It’s time to “Chop Chop.”

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