February 14, 2018

Mobsquad Nard - Ain't FWU (Video) | @mobsquadnard

Yesterday on February 5th, Cinematic's own Mobsquad Nard celebrated his birthday and even though he's the one who should be receiving presents, the buzzing rapper delivered a gift of his own. Premiered exclusively by DGB, Nard delivers the official video for his track "Ain't FWU" off of his last body of work,Nardo DaVinci. Hanging with his crew in his hometown streets, Nard makes it clear that nobody's messing with him and his team in any way, shape or form.

 Nard is gearing up for a major 2018 after the success he saw in 2017. South Florida continues to rise in the hip-hop world and at the rate he's going, Mobsquad Nard will soon be at the forefront. From releasing the aforementioned Nardo DaVinci project last year, to solidifying his lane and fanbase, you'll be seeing a lot more of this passionate emcee in the months to come. Stay tuned.

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