January 10, 2018

Get To Know Bermuda's Next Big STAR: Drevo Coolidge (Exclusive Interview)

Drevo Coolidge is one cool guy, which explains the "cool" in his name. He is one of those artists you should keep your eyes on this year. The Bermuda native recently released a visual to one of his singles "Decimals" & later went on to release something during the holidays. He dropped "Hotel With Maria" for fans for free on Spinrilla. It's always nice when I get to sit & chop it up with talented artists like Drevo. Peep this exclusive interview right here on #WESTAYCHILL 

WeStayChill: It’s a new year. What can fans expect from Drevo Coolidge this year on the music side?

Drevo: 2018 stands for a new beginning for everything.  My image of hiphop culture & music will stand out more to the fans. I will grind harder to define my spirit in music.  Someone once told me that I was a leader in the world.  In time, I hope to be a leader in music.

WeStayChill: You released a sizzling new track for your fans during the holiday. Tell us more about that.

Drevo: During the holidays, I released a track that could give you cold and warm feelings at the same time.  I called it "Hotel WithMaria".  From the memory of several losses in 2017, I got involved with my feelings in the music. I had a very sexual & emotional experience with one of my ex-girlfriends.  I believed in loving her and she only believed in myself making love to her.  She didn't truly love me. Sex felt like the closest thing to love to her.  Eventually, she became a poison to me.  So, the song was one of those "love / hate" situations.

WeStayChill: Most memorable moment of 2017 & why?

Drevo: The most memorable moment of 2017 was the day we shot the official music video for "Decimals".  I felt so profound in the production of video.  I remember in early years when I first started out rapping. I scripted, directed, and produced my own music videos.  Presently, I don't have to do much of what I use to do because it all evolved into the structure of other's talents with my visuals. But now and then, I still direct my own videos. I will always be a cinematic person.

WeStayChill: A lot of people compare you to Future. How do you feel about that comparison?

Drevo: The comparison is an honor to me.  Knowing that I am potentially reaching his ears is amazing.  Several times before, one of his djs from his label has been watching my moves on social media.  I was honored to even be watched by any of his people.  Future is one of my influences in music, because he reaches levels as a rebellious warrior.  I see myself as a rebellious artist as well.  One day, he will see a rebellion in my music and the comparison will become a introduction.

WeStayChill: Will there be any new visuals the fans can expect this year?

Drevo: Most definitely. I am working patiently step at a time.  Starting at December 2017 towards current date, I will try to give a visual for every release.  The fans deserve to see more vision from my records. And especially see more of me along with the sound.  Like a magician, I will give a visual magic show to all the fans in due time.

WeStayChill: A lot of people are talking about your auto tune use in songs. Please break that down for them. How much auto tune are you really using?

Drevo: My voice naturally has its own tones.  Auto tune is barely used on my voice now. Its been several studios in the past that has used the auto tune on my voice differently but my voice naturally sits into the tracks.  Im honestly using less auto tune and pitching my voice correctly.  But in the midsts of all the sessions, Im learning how to use my natural vocals everyday.  If you played one of my songs today, and I song along with it, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

WeStayChill: If you could go back and change one thing, what would it be and why?

Drevo: If I could go back, I would improve my breaking out of my shell time. I wish I could have broken free of my shell earlier in the year and I would have been more spontaneous than I am now. But like I said, in due time.  My spirit is more wildly now in music than ever.  I felt like a cub before, now I am a lion.

WeStayChill: Who do you look up to in the mainstream music scene?

Drevo: I look up to Kendrick Lamar. In my latest record "Decimals".  I said in the first verse,"Feeling Like Lamar, Im like Damn It " Every time I witness his ground breaking moves, I mold myself to dig into my ground breaking moves.  Leaving the audience unexpected at every turn.  An outlandish rebel like some others in this game.  We move in silence but speak powerful vision.

WeStayChill: Today’s indie artists could really use some advice on making in this game. What are some things you’d tell them that you wish others would have shared when you first started out?

Drevo: Consistency with the fans keeps them on their toes.  Be you, don't be anyone else, follow the path you created. Don't be afraid of the mistakes, because the greatest ones will become your greatest wins.  If you aren't afraid of the mistakes, you will know that you continue and don't stop. Eventually, you will find success.  You can get 1 Million No's and the 1 Yes will get you there.

WeStayChill: Are you working with any artists we should be looking out for this year? If so, who?

Drevo: I'm working with a couple of artists in my team.  Be on the look out for Drako J and King Kem with Winners Circle.  Determined and defined artists that I think you will enjoy.

WeStayChill: Finish the sentence. A day with Drevo Coolidge in the studio is like:

Drevo: A day with Drevo Coolidge in the studio is like a feature film on television with mixed genres.  You will get a little action, a little comedy, a little romance, a little suspense.  Jaw dropping lyrics and undeniable sound.

WeStayChill: If you had the opportunity to collaborate with one mainstream artist on a song, who would you work with?

Drevo: I've been in love with her since she spoke the lyrics," Pon de Replay".  I don't know what it is about those island women but i guess islands attract islands.  Rihanna is a MUST work with artist.  Her music speaks to my soul and to do something with her would be like checking off my bucket list.  One day, she will know of me. And I will surely tell her, first off I love her and secondly let's work.

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