September 13, 2017

Rob Zoe ft. Maino - "Raw"

Robert Othello is a rapper/songwriter hailing from Miami, Florida, who is better known by his stage name Rob Zoe. The 27-year old emigrated from The Bahamas to Florida with his Haitian parents at the tender age of 3. After catching a case in 2013 and doing some time, he came out more motivated than ever to go down the right path and make a name for himself. Rob Zoe has quite a few phenomenal tracks out with big name rappers such as Meek Mill (“All Out”), Future (“I Got That Paper”), Jadakiss (“Live For Today”), Lajan Slim (“HAITIANS”), and Chief Keef (“In My Circle”) just to name a few. Rob Zoe is with MP3Waxx, the global movement in negotiations with the major labels. He is also a Freebandz affiliate and is currently making his runs on the Nobody Safe Tour with Future. Today, we're stoked to bring you his latest effort "Raw," which features an assist from Maino. Give it a spin and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more from Rob in the near future.
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