August 29, 2017

"No Love" - @nedxmiller (New Music)

This Greensboro rapper has something to say! In his new single "No Love" he certainly doesn't hold back. With a nice upbeat tempo, you can't help but want to nod or dance. The beat was produced by Trey Flowers. The track goes perfect with the lyrics. I can definitely see a group of hype & energetic dancers creating a dance visual to this song. With lyrics like "Part two, I don't need you" you will instantly relate after hearing the song. Everyone has had an ex boyfriend or girlfriend that they don't care to see or hear from again. No love right??

This song is the perfect player anthem! When hearing the song, you'll instantly think of Big Sean or even Travis Scott.

Listen & hear the song in it's entirety!

Single is also available on Apple Music, iTunes as well as Spotify & Google Play!

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