July 17, 2017

New Song From K Jr Kaze Has Everyone "Thinking" OH MY

K Jr Kaze Returns With "The Fade" 

After being on a hiatus, the rapper returns to the music scene with his new highly anticipated single, "The Fade". This song is very personal for the rapper. He drew from actual experiences and emotions. After being away from his passion, (music) for a long period of time, he finds motivation to return and that is when he created this single. With a nice, up tempo beat, genuine lyrics and a catchy hook, you can't help but bob your head and recite the lyrics from the hook. 

 If you were ever at a low point of your life or left like giving up on something or someone, this song will definitely grow on you.The single released worldwide on all digital platforms on July 10th. Once the single released, people immediately took to Spotify to hear the newest song from K Jr Kaze. In just two days of the single being released the rapper earned over 5,000 digital streams on Spotify. 

When we asked the rapper to disclose the process of creating the song, he says, "The Fade" is a complete opposite to the previous tracks I put out which were more about displaying skill dominance to hyped beats. It's really stripped down and a personal venting track about me almost giving up on music. I think a lot of people chasing their dreams regardless of what that dream is would relate to it because at some point of that journey you do feel like giving up sometime because you or other people make you lose track of WHY you were chasing it in the first place. That also sets the theme for the entire EP. The EP is centered around my personal experience of hitting a low and then using that low as fuel to get back up because sometimes hitting a low can be a blessing in disguise, metaphorically speaking it's like flinging a piece of rubber band where in order for it to propel the distance it has to be pulled back quite a bit and the more pressure it's under while it's pulled back the higher and further it can shoot forward so the EP is an illustration of that metaphor based on what I went through."

I became a fan on Spotify instantly, and so should you! Follow and add this song to your Spotify playlist!

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