March 21, 2017


Travis Cox – AKA LV – remembers the exact age and place when he first fell in love with rap music.

He was 10 years old, and it was during one of his many trips to his Uncle’s house. As a professional producer who went by the name Ju Beats, LV’s uncle had his own studio and would often invite young Travis over to his house to join him in the studio.

“I remember he used to make beats for me and taught me how to record and rap and put words together,” LV said. “When I started getting serious about music, he helped me until I was able to get my own studio at home. Now I have a home studio and a professional studio in downtown Chicago that I use to make my music.”

His mixtape “C4” – which stands for “Consequences 4” – is his most recent release to the world. It features 17 different songs – three of which are features from up-and-coming artists within the Chicago area – all of which have a storyline behind them that share the day-to-day ins and outs of LV’s life.

“I use my music to tell other people about myself,” he said. “My previous albums were ‘Off & On’ and ‘Turn On,’ and were about my journey, and they got some good buzz. Then I started traveling and touring and filming some TV shows and movies and going out of state. I had a three-year acting role as a background artist on the hit TV show ‘Empire’ during seasons two and three. Now, C4 is a project that talks about the consequences of my journey.”

The first single off the album is a song called “Amazing.” He said it’s a song that pays homage to the work and sacrifices he’s willing to make in order to be a successful musician.

“I know my music is amazing, but how far can I take it?” LV said. “I close my eyes and visualize where would I go. Where can this take me and how far can I go? It’s a song that talks about the day-to-day things of how I used to sleep in the car and had no money and still have chains to the homeless, but how I’m climbing out of that and finding success with my music.”

A second single off the album is called “Turn On,” and explores the rivalry that tends to pop up between different neighborhoods in Chicago. LV is from the west side of Chicago, and a few years back was visiting some friends in the south side of Chicago. He said his language and clothing stood out, and he was jumped by the locals because he was an outsider.

“They jumped me and took all my money and everything I had on that day, all because I didn’t talk the same or dress the same,” he said. “This single isn’t something that I would call a dis track, because you can’t dis a whole side of town, but it’s definitely a track I made out of hate because of that situation.”

Fans can check out these singles, the mixtape and more on his website, on Soundcloud, or on his YouTube channel. Fans can also follow him on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find out more about music releases or upcoming live performances.