January 13, 2017


Cleveland hip-hop artist Mellow-XZACKT (formerly known as Mellow) returns with fresh vibes and a new identity. Now part of the Aloof collective, Mellow-XZACKT is finishing up his first solo project in 4 years, Leap of Faith is set to be released in the early first quarter of 2017. Today he shares the first offering from his upcoming project, 'Piece of Shxt' is a cluster-fuck of lyrical finesse and stoned social commentary, produced by Blokhead Johnny. The art-filled visual displays Mellow-XZACKT's artistic inclination and affinity for lapel pins, shot by ILLER SOUL. This is the first installment of a 4-part musical short film entitled Uptown 17, directed by Mellow-XZACKT.
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