December 06, 2016

“Young Lit Hippy” Artist Mic Mar Teases Album Kidz From The Woodz

Portland, OR – Artist Mic Mar had a unique beginning to his flourishing music career. Tempted by friends to collaborate on a song, the now 25-year-old artist discovered he had a knack for the art of the rhyme at 17-years-old. His competitive spirit, can-do attitude, and innate sense of creativity led him to discover that music could become something more than just a hobby – and instead, be a lifelong career and passion. A big believer in fate and destiny, Mic Mar abides by the philosophy, “Life’s too short to not do what you want to do.”

The young artist finds influence in fellow rapper and Pacific Northwest native, Macklemore. The two artists share a zest for the rap game in cities that are heavily saturated with rock and alternative music and a gift for storytelling and seeing meaning in everything.

An avid storyteller, Mic Mar’s music is deep, uplifting, and inspirational. His music is a reflection of his perspectives on struggle, which makes his audience vast, as everyone can relate on some level. His “young lit hippy” brand and persona emit vibes of “peace, love and good vibes,” laughs Mar.

The imaginative rapper recently debuted his latest video, a song entitled “Good Morning,” on November 23rd, which teases the release of his impending mixtape, Kidz From The Woodz, which hits digital platforms on January 31st, 2017. The song “Good Morning” is, as the artist describes, “an awakening.” An introduction into who the young lit hippy really is, the song is about sharing your truth, which is exactly what Mic Mar is out to do. 

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