December 14, 2016

The Texas Native and Artist Releases Single “2 Grown 4 That”

Tyler, TX – Artist TommyDDVO has music running through his veins. Born to a musical family, when the budding star was brought back to his hometown to help care for his sick grandmother, serendipity brought music back into the artist’s life. “It was a natural thing,” remarked the artist, explaining that friends from high school had become involved in music, sparking a musical fire under his feet. Influenced by classic, influential rappers such as Nas, Tupac, and Biggie, TommyDDVO has always admired the “greats” for their knack for storytelling and commitment to lyricism (an art which is lacking in today’s popular music scene).

Tommy shares their love for storytelling and engaging with his audience, eager to reach out and connect on a deeper, emotional level with his fans. “I want to take them on a journey,” says the artist. His music is its own brand, a style Tommy DDVO calls “Substance over Fluff,” continuing, “Real life music, for real people, trying to make it in the real world.”

His creative process is unique: Driving a truck for the last 5years, TommyDDVO was left with hours upon hours to himself where his creativity was set free. The front seat of the truck became what he calls a “mobile university and recording studio,” where the artist would record his lyrics and develop his skill as a rapper with his cell phone and digital tape recorder. It was in that very truck where his latest project, a seven-track EP entitled “Catalyst for Momentum” was written. From that EP comes his newest single, “2Grown 4 That,” which is soon to be the next street Anthem, specifically written for those who are to grown for the childish, and petty things going on in the culture. The substance of this EP is refreshingly deep and different; a very intellectual and emotional experience told from a grown man’s perspective. It touches on the struggles of urban life, disenfranchisement and sticking together as a family, to money, success and the ups and downs of relationships when you don’t learn how to love people for who they are instead of who you want them to be.

Though he’s eager to get his music out to the masses, his ultimate goal is bigger than himself and his own success. TommyDDVO is on a mission to show young people that through education and hard work they have more options to be successful than the streets. His vision is to use his talent and influence to motivate, inspire, and empower people to work hard and fight for their dream by using the DVO brand as a catalyst for change. 2 Grown 4 That Promo Video Warrior Lyric Video:

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