December 12, 2016


LONDON, UK – When words just don’t seem enough to express to the one you love just how deeply you feel for them, music sometimes says exactly what you need it to.

This is something Sean Doohan has known for most of his life – first as a lover of music and then as a professional artist. And it’s that philosophy of love and music that permeates his newest album, “Locked Inside Your Love,” which he released on his label A.C.E. in October of this year.
There are people all over the globe making music, but the thing that truly sets them apart is the passion and dedication that goes into their art. Sean Doohan aka Mr. Dubz is certainly one of those passionate creators.

“Locked Inside Your Love, is my debut R&B/ Hip-Hop album. It sounds both futuristic and classic. It develops scenes and has many elements from different genres. It’s unique, original, progressive, emotional, romantic, powerful, heart-warming, positive and soulful. Each song is deeply personal, yet I believe they still make that heartfelt connection with the listener that they can relate to. The theme that runs through it is love – it's my first solo love-song collection. The common message through the album is that love is the most important thing in life. It must be focused on, nurtured, protected, searched for, deserved, taken seriously, given time, effort, attention, devotion and inspire us to tell and show someone how we feel in all the ways we can.” said the musician who hails from England and whose music has been so well-received it’s beginning to make a splash in the U.S.

Sean said he knows how music has helped him express how he feels to others in the past, and he hopes his music will help others to do the same. Take his single “Love Sick,” for instance. It’s an honest and romantic love song with a slow, chilled out pace. It’s a colorful, soulful tune with a West Coast flavor laced and an East Coast pop soul.

“There were some massive things going on in my life when I wrote the lyrics to that song,” Sean said. “It was a really important, moving and beautiful time for me.”

Five of the singles from the album are currently available to listen to on Sean Doohan’s Soundcloud page. The entire album is available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon music or 4music. He’s now in the process of creating music videos for his singles and working on more music.

Until those videos are released to the world, he said he hopes fans will listen to his music and understand that he’s a one-of-a-kind artist who’s just trying to be himself and be the best he can be.

“I’m not one dimensional or a sound-alike,” he said. “I have many different musical styles, produce, rap, sing, remix and DJ. When people hear my music I want them to get that special feeling that you get when you listen to great music – that chill … that clarity … that connection. That thing that frees your soul, opens your mind, makes you want to move your body and lifts your spirits.”

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