December 17, 2016

RedDolla Quez and Marshawn Hitz Collaborate on EP Red River

Cedar Grove, Louisiana – When rapper Demarquez (“RedDolla Quez”) met producer Marshawn (“Marshawn Hitz”), it was musical serendipity. As a young man, artist Quez would listen to big rappers the likes of Big Sean and Drake and found himself inspired. Relentless, the artist soaked up influence from every genre of music he could find and artist he listened to, to create a style of rap that is entirely his own. RedDolla Quez’s music covers a variety of subjects and vibes – but is all undeniably and equally intriguing. “I take a little something from everyone,” he explains, but insists his sound is original, “My sound is my own, and I use beats you won’t hear from the typical rapper.” Ready to carve his name into rap history, RedDolla Quez met Marshawn Hitz, a producer from his hometown and a childhood friend. When Quez discovered Marshawn’s talents for creating one-of-a-kind beats, he decided they had to collaborate.

Together, the duo has put together an EP entitled Red River, a concept derived from the river that runs through multiple states and is home to some of the country’s most dangerous creatures. “All types of unidentified species,” says Quez, “and it’s hard – so that was the concept behind the EP, you gotta be hard.” Marshawn continues, “You can’t deny it, gotta love it. We put a lot of hard work and time into it.”

The duo’s unique style and tenacity has kept them going, and is going to take them to the top. “Keep your head on strong, and don’t let anyone tell you anything,” advises RedDolla Quez. “The sky’s the limit.”

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