December 13, 2016

PradaBoyDigital makes waves with ‘Supergay’ albums

ATLANTA, GA – There are always going to be critics out there who have negative things to say about the work or art that you create. For PradaBoyDigital, it was one such critic who served as the inspiration for advancing his career, and who helped influence the title of his first two mixtapes – the second of which is about to drop after the first of the year.

Both of those mixtapes are titled “Supergay.”

“What made me come up with the name is I was in the studio one day and you know there’s always that one person who has to be a hater,” PradaBoyDigital said. “And there happened to be that guy in the studio that day who told me that my music sounded super gay. Instead of being defeated by it, it put a fire inside me to prove all the haters wrong. And I thought I would come up with a name that would piss a lot of people off but make them want to listen, and so I came up with that name.”

The mixtapes feature a variety of sounds that PradaBoyDigital has created over the past five years of writing and making music. He said many of the songs explore the ins and outs of relationships, and that he hopes listeners will be able to relate to the relationship struggles he’s had over the years through the stories that he weaves in-and-out of his lyrics.

“A lot of my songs are about what I do every day,” he said. “They’re about working hard and making money and just life. But ultimately what I really want to make music about is relationships.”

Two of the singles off the upcoming “Supergay Pt. 2” are indicative of that intentionality. The first, called “Sometimes,” is a song about a girl who broke his heart and broke up with him in a somewhat violent way.

“She broke my TV and started threatening me,” he said. “In the song I explore these ideas of sometimes I wonder if she ever loved me. Sometimes I wonder if she ever wanted to be with me. It’s a song that has a more laid back vibe, but it could also be a club song.”

That’s the way he describes the second single, “Peter Pan,” as well. Its laid-back vibe explores the relationship through the metaphor of the story of Peter Pan. One line from the song says: “Let me be your Peter Pan/ I can be your butterfly/ I can take you to the sky/ You can be my Tinkerbell/ You can be my butterfly.”

“These songs and this mixtape should show people what I’ve been through and the relationships I’ve had,” he said. “My music is also about others understanding me and where I come from and being able to relate to that in their own lives.”

To sample some of PradaBoyDigital’s music, fans can go to his Spinrilla page and check out “Supergay” the mixtape. The second mixtape is slated to drop sometime before the end of January 2017.

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