December 02, 2016

New singles from Chicago musician give good vibe while speaking to cultural issues

SINGLING SPRING, PA – From the moment his father bought him a Casio keyboard at the age of 3, Alec Appoloni – AKA Kyduh – was hooked on music. By age 5 he was proficient at playing piano. By age 9 he’d taken up the drums and was experimenting with rock legends Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. By his freshman year of high school he’d taught himself the guitar and bass guitar, and it wasn’t long after that when he began to write music. The band he joined in high school began to tour all over the state, and during many of their jam sessions he found himself experimenting with hip-hop.

“I’m more of a singer – I usually sing and play guitar – but when I started making my own beats, I just started rapping,” Kyduh said. “That evolved into my own unique style of rapping and singing. A few years back I started applying everything I know about music and instruments into producing, and that’s when I started writing and making my own songs.”

Today, Kyduh is one of the hottest rising stars in Rockford, and his new singles “Head First” and “Let Em Talk” are about to hit the country by storm. “Head First” is a song that chronicles his journey as a musician – focusing on the hard work and many hours of dedication it’s taken to get to where he is today.

“I made it from nothing, basically,” he said. “It was just a dream. And no matter how many people told me I wouldn’t make it, they can’t kill my vibe. I’m going into it head first and I’m not looking back. I’m going to make it no matter what anyone else tries to do.”

The second single, “Let Em Talk,” is a slower song that has more of a ballad feel, he said. It’s a song that he hopes will speak to a generation that wants to heal the divide that’s risen up throughout the country. It’s a song that speaks to race issues and ultimately challenges fans to appreciate love above all and its ability to transcend anything, including racial tensions.

“It’s a song about a guy who is white and has a black girlfriend,” Kyduh said. “People are going to have things to say. Parents won’t like it. Friends won’t like it. But none of that matters because they’re in love. So ‘Let ‘em talk.’”

Kyduh said he hopes people hear his music and just “get a good vibe” from what they hear. He said he intentionally creates melodies and hooks that have an upbeat feel. Most of his songs also feature a lot of bass because, as he said, ‘I’m obsessed with bass.”

Fans who want to check out his music can visit his Soundcloud page. Fans can also find out more about new music releases and live shows by following him on Instagram and Twitter under the handle @kyduhmusic.

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