December 24, 2016


Father. Musician. Creator. These are just some of the things Suave-Ski (born Andrews Camacho) embodies. The artist was, in a way, saved by his music. When he found himself getting into trouble with all the wrong people as an adolescent, he was headed toward darkness. His parents, unable to cope, sent him to live with his aunt in Texas. It was there, exposed to the south’s unique style of rap and hip hop, that Suave-Ski discovered he had an affinity for music, writing lyrics to go along with beats his cousin created. “Music changed my life,” explains the artist admitting, “It’s where I found my confidence. In high school, I became prom and homecoming king. Music changed my life and kept me out of trouble.”

Motivated by his passions, the musician created a style of music that is entirely his own.  His music is underground; not in a gritty or rough way, but it’s smooth and personable. Suave-Ski’s musical style is reminiscent of classic, clever rappers of the 80’s and 90’s- a refreshing departure from the persistent trap music played on today’s radio. The artist himself is unique in that he has an inherent humility about himself – never arrogant, he lets his creativity speak for itself in his music and his other artistic pursuits (the artist is also a graphic designer and videographer). Suave-Ski is mentored by underground artists Apathy & Celph Titled and has worked on many collaborations, most recently, “Highwave 95” with fellow New England native Phokus.

Suave-Ski’s latest project, a solo album entitled SuavedUp, tells the intriguing story of the artist’s upbringing and the way he was able to take a potentially disastrous situation and turn it around with the power of his music. Not only is the project an introduction to who Suave-Ski is as a person and artist, but it’s also a way to promote his brand “SuavedUp,” which includes a clothing line that features some of Suave-Ski’s graphic designs. More than just a performer, Suave-Ski is bound to be a household name in hip hop with a lifestyle brand that spans platforms from TV to fashion and beyond.

His motivating energy and one-of-a-kind charm makes him a true artist – and one that is here to stay.

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