December 20, 2016

Military veteran uses music to inspire movement against injustice with #SpeakOnIt campaign

DALLAS, TX – The only way to affect change in this world is to speak out against injustice.

That’s the message hip-hop artist S.O.I. Duka is trying to bring to the world through his music and through the #SpeakOnIt movement that he’s started. The Dallas, Texas native started his music career at a young age before enlisting in the U.S. Armed Forces and serving eight years both at home and abroad. He has served in Japan, Korea, Qatar, Afghanistan and Iraq – the last of which where he sustained injuries that necessitated five surgeries and his retirement from active duty.

Upon return home, he decided to dive back into a music career – albeit this time with an intentional message that he hopes will inspire others to peacefully stand up against all the injustices he’s personally witnessed around the world.

“The #SpeakOnIt movement came about because of all the violence that’s occurring everywhere,” Duka said. “There are too many limited conversations happening right now, and violence only occurs when you don’t understand each other. I’ve seen it over and over all over the world, when you have two alpha males or two strong minded females not understanding each other it can escalate to the worst conditions. It’s imperative that we learn how to communicate effectively through our different races and ethnicities. We need to get to know each other. That’s basically what this movement boils down to – effectively communicating across the world. When you see an injustice of the world, speak on it. You have to speak on it to raise awareness of the people. And when you see something right, speak on that and celebrate it, too. You have a voice – use it.”

This attitude shift that Duka hopes to instill among the people of America is one that permeates his music. Two of his earliest singles – which will be featured on his album, “AwaKKKe The CritiXXX,” that’s scheduled to be released in late February of next year – focus on starting the #SpeakOnIt movement where it hits closest for most people: in the family.

“’Pray For Me’ is a single that cries out to mothers across the world to pray for their offspring and all the children of America,” Duka said. “We are in perilous times and we need prayers of the righteous more than anything. We need a connection to something higher than ourselves. ‘Family Counseling’ kind of piggybacks off that idea and hones in on the mistreatment so many people feel from family members or people close to them. To date only about 50-to-60 people have heard that song, and every one of them has said they can relate to the pain that comes from family turning their backs on you in some way or another. That’s one of the most powerful songs on the album.”

Duka isn’t one to merely preach on and not practice what he’s asking of the world. He puts his own philosophies to work as a dedicated father to three boys and one new baby girl. He said he’s seen so many people from his neighborhood grow up with absent fathers, and he knows that one of the first steps toward positive change comes by being a loving, involved father in the lives of his children. In fact, much of his music has a message that he said will cut to the core for fathers and inspire teenagers and young adults in ways that he hopes will further the #SpeakOnIt movement.

Those seeking more information about the #SpeakOnIt movement can visit Duka’s website at Fans can also pre-order the “AwaKKKe The CritiXXX” album on the website in January, which will eventually be available for purchase on iTunes after its release in February. Fans who want to find out more about Duka’s upcoming music releases or live performances can follow him on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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