December 02, 2016


Hi, Red Diamond, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. For those who don't know you, introduce your self. Who is Red Diamond?

Hello, Red Diamond, is a fan and creator of music....MR.3-D, The New Freshmen of music, but much familiar...Writer, composer and mixer. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. Founder and resident of Interstellar Records, Inc. Breakfast is served.

What are you currently working on at this present moment? Any albums or EPs to expect soon? Tell us about it!

I have 2 complete EP albums online, "The Sacrifice" and "Off The Scale" by Red Diamond.
A New Prelude Mixtape, entitled..."Meet Me @ 12" Coming Top of the Year! ...A fusion of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Classicals... I call it... The #HipHopClassical... I'm doing music videos for each song!
New Track, "Catch This Money", Coming Soon.
My New Album, "Viral", Coming Soon!

Where are you from? How did you get your start in the music industry?

From Memphis, Tennessee...I am fortunate enough to have developed my talent of writing and engineering. President and CEO of Independent music label, Interstellar Records, Inc...
Describe your style!
Red Diamond, MR. 3-D, Giving you a various amount of choice. Hip Hop, EDM, and even some soulful R&B...
I have a blazing new EDM track, called "We Like To Party" by "Red Diamond And Red Monkey"... The Global Trio. America and Korea, Music collabroration. The Music video was filmed in my hometown, Memphis!

What makes you unique as an artist?

Great question...Well, I write, record and mix my own songs...With the help of my independent producers. No Ghostwriters Aboard!

If you could do a feature with any indie artist, who would you see yourself working with and why?

Possibly a collabo with Master P...He is one of the forerunners.

Your single Switching Gears, who did the production on that song?

Enter My Zone...Huey, an independent producer. Support the new talent.

What was it like, when you were in the studio recording the single? Any special moments you remember from that studio session?

Like a painter in front of a canvas...
The new year is approaching! What can we expect from Red Diamond in the new year?
More Music-Visuals, Performances, and Acknowledgements of my New EP's....Red Diamond (MR. 3-D ) Presents..."The Sacrifice" and "Off The Scale"...Now on the world wide web! Support B&B Marketing/Management

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