December 19, 2016


The acclaimed R&B singer, actor and activist has injected his rapid-fire alliterative attack into the lyrically moving and musically powerful arrangement originally penned by Major Lazer. This version of cold water takes Major Lazer's timeless message of strength, and sacrifice makes it accessible to an even wider audience. Stain harnesses Lazer's thought provoking message to speak to listeners in a way that encourages perseverance, hope and socially conscientious approach.
This new release magnifies CJ Stain's presence in the entertainment community at large as a proponent of progress, consciousness and positive change. "Cold Water" Stain's identifies  as a man who speaks adamant about social compassion, gender equality. CJ Stain is also a prolific writer and composer. His compelling performance of "Cold Water" exemplifies his skills as a performer and brings his equally sound original work to the forefront.
One of Stain's many goals is to inspire those with aspirations to persevere through adversity to better themselves and the world around them, and his version of "Cold Water" hits its mark right on target. 
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