December 12, 2016

Cameroon native uses unique vocals to tell stories through hip-hop

BROOKLYN, NY – The older Brice Djomo gets, the more the music of his home country of
Cameroon finds its way into his music. Known within the hip-hop world as Vocaliz, this 30-year-old artist from Brooklyn has a sound that’s reminiscent of Wyclef Jean, but with a style that is uniquely his own. And though his instrumentals create a story in and of themselves, it’s his
voice that truly makes an impression on his fans.

“That’s where my name came from,” he said. “I don’t play any musical instrument, so my voice is all I ever had to create music. My voice is my only instrument. I love rapping, but I also love trying different things, new tricks with my voice. Wyclef was a big inspiration for that – to me he’s not your typical singer, but he can make great singing songs. That’s hard to do. He’s a musical genius – a hip-hop artist who can make an entire album and not rap on a single song and still connect musically with Rap fans. I like musicians like that who aren’t afraid to take different routes, when people don’t really know what to expect from you. I feel like as musicians, repetition/stagnation is to be avoided. Evolution is the only true expression of music, even though most of the time the same formula is expected and even demanded.”

His newest single, “History,” will showcase not only that surprising quality of his songwriting ability, but will also chronicle some of this journey that he’s taken to make it to this point as an artist. It’s a song, he said, that highlights every individual’s unique journey and how those things create who we are as human beings.

“The concept behind the song is simply to show that we are the result of our past experiences and what we’ve learned from them,” he said. “As time goes on as people we grow, and through that growing process we naturally eliminate what doesn’t fit our current lifestyle and vision and embrace what does. That also involves leaving a lot of people behind even though we did share a lot of beautiful memories with them. At the end of the day If I keep evolving and they don’t, how can we still be on the same page?”

The music video for the single, which can be found on YouTube, further highlights this concept. Following Vocaliz through the streets of New York City as he contemplates on the nature of his own thoughts. The video was remarkably shot by Director Gambino and is sure to entice even more fans to follow this already rising artist. And those fans come from all over the world – from his home country in Central Africa, to others spread across the Mediterranean, and on to fans in the States who have followed his career on the road performing in hundreds of basement joints along the coast.

Fans who want to sample more of his music can follow him on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out more about upcoming music releases or live performances.

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