December 03, 2016

Artist Spotlight: MTG

Dope Donny & Trendz Luciano are two artists that represent MTG,  A Hip-Hop independent label based out of Savannah Georgia. The group formed in 2015 along with longtime friend Ruger Da Savage. The group consists of different artists with different styles & versatility with talent from New Orleans.LA , San Diego.CA , & Dayton,OH. The group plans to make an incredible impact that will touch people to come from poverty in the inner city. They aren’t your typical group. With Trendz Luciano being a videographer, Dope Donny as engineer & Ruger Da Savage as the photographer, they have the in house that can surpass many other artists. With the help of  Dope Donny's Manager Denise Young, MTG plans to take the world by storm in the New Year and beyond!

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