December 02, 2016

Artist Bombface Releases “Edgy” Album Player With a Pistol

Seattle, Washington – Bombface is a man – and an artist – with an eclectic sound and lyrical wit that deserves to be heard. Music has always been embedded in his soul, having been encouraged by his brother to take a stab at the craft. However, Bombface’s gift was not set free until the artist was granted parole following a nearly eight year long incarceration. His release from prison was an awakening, and sparked a greed for something more. Bombface decided it was “now or never,” and put the “pedal to the medal” on his music career.
Full of wordplay and wit, Bombface’s music is what the artist describes as “lyrically entertaining, with a rhythm and groove feel.” The artist, inspired by classic musicians that span across R&B and rap (like the iconic Michael Jackson, for example), delivers a product that takes the listener to the days of clever, witty rap, reminiscent of the rap greats of the 80’s and 90s. His latest project, an album entitled Player With a Pistol is a completely self-made endeavor, from its clever lyrics right down to the skilled production quality. Released November 25th, the album is edgy, and has a “street feel.”

The son of a single father, and a self-made man, Bombface is determined to be the best. Mediocrity is his greatest worry, and he won’t settle for anything less than success. Tenacious and passionate, Bombface is out to “exercise excellence every chance I get.” The rapper’s lyrics are unshakeable, and full of swag for every listener.

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