December 30, 2016


Hailing all the way from the cold depths of Anchorage, Alaska, King Leo has put his all into his music, and even his #HustleBoy brand. At 15, he knew that music would be something he wanted to pursue. 

King Leo has it all! The self made rapper even says so in his latest song/video titled "Distribution" 
In the video, he explains how he is the plug- through his music. Pretty much saying that he is the voice of the streets! The video starts out in a neighborhood, on a street corner, and throughout the video he is seen with his money and his merchandise, in this case, his music CDs! Now how creative is that! What sets this artist apart from most, is that he recites rhymes about actual feelings and scenarios that are true to him, nothing fabricated! Some of his inspirations include TI, the late Tupac Shakur and even OutKast. They all share one common thing: versatility 

When asked about the creative process for "Distribution", King Leo says "Distribution was made as a metaphor on how the music game is similar to the street life of dope dealing. When the supply meets the demand and the El Chapo (The Plug) behind the product pushes it to the streets. Everybody wants to be the made man, but nobody really knows the work behind the fruits of his labor. So why not tell a trappers story through the hustle of selling music!" 

Genius right?! 

He is able to make music for the streets, music for the clubs and music for people as a whole in general! Keep your eyes on King Leo! He is taking this industry by storm. 

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