December 12, 2016


Here at WeStayChill, we had the pleasure of speaking with the talented actor, Nelson Davis! Nelson is known for his many roles throughout his acting career, including a role in the Frat Brothers film which starred Romeo Miller and a few other big  names. Hopefully, you guys enjoy! 

Nelson, what’s up? How’s life been treating you?

What's good!? Life is treating me great. Thank you so much for asking. Even bigger thanks for having me! Looks like you're doing well also. So glad to see that.

Tell us about the project you recently finished up! I hear it includes Clifton Powell. What was it like teaming up with Alyze Elyse again? 

The film is called Flowers. It's an amazing film. Big shoutout to Alyze Elyse and Soul City Films! You know it's kinda surreal because growing up watching Next Friday and even Friday After Next, I never imagined that I'd be in the same movie as Pinky. I didn't have any scenes with Pinky I mean Clifton Powell or even get to meet him on set but dope to be in the same movie with him nonetheless. But the movie is dope though, it def takes you on twist and turns and touches on domestic violence. I don't wanna give too much away but trust me it's a must see. It was a pleasure working with Alyze Elyse again. I actually got to play her cousin-in law in the movie and got to act in a scene with her. I was in her previous film 24 Hours which is a dope must see as well. She's so talented. But yeah it was a pleasure and nothing but love for Alyze and Soul City Films. 

2 Oclock” which is based on the sexy and erotic novel, “Sexperience Vol 2”, so tell me, how did you prepare for such a role? Fans are dying to know! Give a quick run down on the “2 OClock” project for those who may not be familiar! 

I'm so excited about this project and so excited for everyone to see it. "2 O'clock" is my favorite short story in the NUMBER 1 best-selling novel "Sexperience Vol. 2" which is a collection of short erotic stories. If you enjoy reading it's definitely a must read. But "2 o'clock" is basically about this guy Named Damien Jones who I play in the movie that is addicted to pursuing women that are in committed relationships. He seeks out a therapist. Played by Jessica Aiken Lark, Dr. Taylor to help him out with his "problem". Damien is very good in the bedroom, and other places. So he tells his therapist in detail about some of his sexual escapades. She then becomes a lil curious herself about Damien and from that point on it'll take you for a ride. Damien is always her 2 O'clock appointment, hence the title "2 O'clock" This film is very sexy, edgy, and entertaining. It really hits on mind games, and "book smarts" vs. "street smarts" in a very sexy way. It'll definitely take you for a satisfying ride. The film is very well shot. Big shout out to Marlin Goodwin of Krucifix Productions who shot and directed the film. Preparing for the film for me was just all about becoming the character mentally and physically. I got a few sex scenes and some nudity. This definitely for the grown folks. 

Any other projects we should expect from you in the 2017 year? 

I've got quite a few exciting things lined up already. I have a photo book which will  be accompanied with a docu-series. Both the book and the documentary are titled "Four Seasons With HIM". That will be brought to you by Alan Lux Studios directed by Shamar Allen. I am in a new mini-series called "Stelth" from Lady Luck Films I did in Atlanta, that's coming real soon. I have a role in season 2 of the hit series "Christian Brothers" which I will be heading out to LA to shoot first of the year with LeviNLA Films. Also have a new sexy drama coming titled "Bondage" which I'm starring in and co-executive producing with Karlton T. Clay of Victory Productions. Oh and the release of my film "Misconstrued" which I star in and executive produced. This is all for the first quarter of 2017. 

When it comes to entertainment and film, who are some of the actors who inspired you?

It's a lot, but off the top of my head I'd say a few of my biggest inspirations in entertainment and film are Denzel Washington, Tyson Beckford, Omari Hardwick, Mehcahd Brooks, and Datari Turner. I always find myself studying these fellas, their skills, their craft, their journey on how they got to where they got, and the brands they have developed and are continuously developing for themselves. These fellas really inspire me. Not saying they are the only ones but definitely at the top of my list. 

Who all have you had the chance to work with that you never dreamed of working with on set?

Pooch Hall, hands down. You talking to a huge fan of The Game. So when I met him on set I was crazy excited. That might have been my first star struck moment. 

Whats your definition of a “Chill” day for

A chill day for me is knowing that all your business has been handled for a brief window of time that allows you to relax without feeling guilty about it. Sleep in a lil bit, not too much though. Eat, watch some tv. Just real laid back. Enjoying life's simple pleasures. That's chill to me. 

When did you get your first big break as an actor?

To be completely honest I haven't gotten that big break yet. I'm striving for it! But I will say this, I got so much love when I was on Wicked Attraction on Investigation Discovery, on both social media and out in public. I didn't realize so many people watch those reenactment shows. That role was very special to me being it was my first speaking role on national tv and the love that came with it made it that much better. Plus it was the season premiere. The episode was titled "Venus Guy Trap" I played as Kevin Pierce. Dope experience. 

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