November 29, 2016


One of the hottest young artists to hit the hip-hop scene is hailing from Toronto, Canada – a city that is quickly becoming one of the brightest creative outlets for artists within that genre. And now 18-year-old Shay-D Kid is ready to join the likes of Toronto-based rappers like Drake and Tory Lanez with his new single “Make Money.”

Released two months ago, “Make Money” is a party turn-up track that’s been making waves throughout Toronto, with a fan following that’s rapidly growing into the States and around the world. According to Shay-D Kid, it’s a song he created with his long-time friend Killah K where he wanted to experiment and shift lanes a little with his style.

The single is yet another example of the success this young artist is having after only announcing himself to the world a year ago with his debut track, “Twisted.” To date, his songs have been played on HitsFM 93 Toronto, A.V.A. LiveRadio, 50Artists50States, Hideous Radio, L.A.F. Underground and more.

“I think it’s really amazing how young you can be and get the exposure you can get with music,” Shay-D Kid said. “But I like when people don’t necessarily focus on age but instead focus on what’s good and hot in the industry at the time. I know I have a lot of time to grow, and I have a lot of things that inspire me that lead me to make more music. One of the things I love the most about hip-hop is the freedom of speech and the ability you have to express yourself in any way, shape or form. That’s so important. And from a young age I’ve always been attracted to rhyming, beats, and everything involved with creating that kind of music.”

According to his manager, Mike James, the choice to create “Make Money’ at this point in his career was an intentional one. Not only is it a fun song that fans can listen to over and over, but it’s also a song that focuses on subject matter that’s hot within the hip-hop genre right now.

“A big theme with hip-hop right now is all about the paper,” James said. “So we thought it would be cool if he did a single with that idea. The music video has already gotten more than 40,000 views on YouTube, with over 1,600 ‘thumbs-up’ and more than 3,000 Likes on Facebook in only two months. Plus it’s seen some great traction on Soundcloud and ReverbNation, which has been really great. And we know a lot of that is because of the response from his fans on Twitter and other social media.”

Shay-D Kid said he takes it in stride that so many fans follow him via social media and share his music. As an 18-year-old, he hasn’t known a world without social media and he knows that most of his fans also fit into that mold. It’s natural, therefore, to share music and promote new artists via those communication outlets. And he’s thrilled to see his Twitter followers climbing to the tens of thousands.

“I love my fans and I just want to make sure that no matter what mood they’re in, when they start listening to my songs they’re having fun and feeling good,” Shay-D Kid said. “I want them to be excited about what they hear. If they can listen to my music and it can transform their mood, that’s the best thing that can come out of listening to my music. Turn it up and have a good time.”

Fans who want to sample the single “Make Money” can do so by visiting Shay-D Kid’s Soundcloud page, or check out the music video on YouTube. And fans can find out more about upcoming single releases, or even live performances, by following him on Twitter, Faecbook or Instagram.

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