November 17, 2016


Us here over at WeStayChill got a chance to sit down with Vegas rapper GlobalNotLocal and talk about music, how to stay chill and more. Read the full interview after the jump.

You know we stay chill here, so how you stay chill, Global? 
- Anime (Naruto)... Bob's Burgers with a bowl of mini-Oreos and 2% haha.

Like many millennials I see, so your out there in Vegas, what's chill to do out there? 

- People watch cause people come here with no care and do some of the most shameful ridiculous things would go viral but nobody captures.

Never considered that perspective as chill, you seem real chill like too chill, hear that often?
Ha, yeah I have. I'll put it to you like this, Water freezes at 32°F... I'm at 33ºF haha I'm chill not chilled, look so chill I'm almost froze as in don't pay mind to s**t that's not relevant to my greater good. Humbled and geeked equals chill.

Deep ... Deep haha! So what's more chill: BBQ poolside with family & friends playing all types of games, a flight session while playing COD or 2k, or making it rain at your local strip? Making it rain duh! haha I'm kidding, but I would have to say the BBQ with the family & friends. I love being around people I love and want to be around, so many great stories are gonna be told there you know, so much laughing just a great time... then maybe hit up that flight session ha!

Okay I think I would choose the same! So for those who want to know how to be more chill what are some pointers for them? 
- For the fellas, all you gotta do is memorize "Press Rewind" and sing it in your head all day long! While your talking to your boss or lover keep that on loop and you'll be like Ben Frank on a bill chill! Also ladies, do the same haha!
Ya'll heard it hear 1st. Speaking of " Press Rewind " it's a chill record man, you have to be a chill guy because your producing,writing, engineering and performing all of your songs and the songs are chill! So What made you so chill?
- I can't really say what cause like Beyonce´ I wake up like this! Ha but if just understanding myself and how I've reacted to life is I've been ambiguous as everyone else, so how could I not allow life or people do what nature does. I can't control what's presented to me but I can control how I react to it and either engage or not, no expectations. I'm not competitive to be greedy, I'm competitive to share and make memories with others, cause growing up as an only child that's what you learn to value, value those around you because others reactions and expressions and emotions towards you is the only way you know you're alive, its reactive.

Your intellect is one worth engaging with, truly. What's chill to sip-on for you?
- Hmmm... if it's clear then Tanqueray and blueberry lemonade by Simply. If it's dark then I have to mix some Sailor Jerry with Coke. Sailor Jerry is a rum that's too chill, too chill ha.

I know the answer already but I have to ask for the record, Do you need any drinks or have to self-medicate to stay chill? - Like Beyonce´said... I wake up this! Haha!

Your something different for sure, last question, why Global Not Local? It's a chill name, what's the meaning?
-Well everything is Global Not Local, day to day lives... life as we perceive it is global not local, cause the littlest cause has a great effect. Like the example of pool of water, you can see the one water drop or a pool of water. My main meaning is saying I want to be my best and not my worst, not saying locals are the worst but using it as a ladder for my goals I want to reach.
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