November 23, 2016

Former football star showcases passion for hip-hop with four new singles

ORLANDO, FL – Marquise Lamar Glover – AKA Kese – is a musician with so much passion for his craft that it practically shines off of him.

His talent was apparent at a young age. At 7 years old he was already free-styling and creating verses that flowed in ways that marveled his friends and astonished adults. Music, rap and hip-hop became a backbone for his life, but often warred for preference with his love of sports – especially football.

As a natural athlete, Kese became a standout high school star and eventually pursued football in college – first at a junior college and then looking forward to playing as a cornerback for a Division I school. But an injury pulled that promising athletic career short, and Kese found himself focusing solely on a music career. Today, he’s committed to sharing his smooth, compelling and versatile sounds with the world.

“My brother was always the one who did music in the family,” Kese said. “He was into music and I was into sports. When he did his music I was kind of playing the backup role behind him. But he left and my football career was brought up short and so I decided to focus on music and take advantage of the opportunities I had with that. I decided to put the pieces together and make something awesome.”

Toward that end, Kese is set to release four new singles to the world. They’ll be released steadily over the next two months for fans to enjoy, and are the first of many to come throughout 2017, he said.

The first single is called “Flavor,” and it’s one that Kese describes as upbeat and just fun to listen to. He said he uses the term “flavor” as a substitute for swag, and said the song is kind of his introduction to the world and describes what he’s going to be bringing to the table for the music industry.

“On Me,” his next single, is similar in its upbeat style, Kese said. It’s a song that serves as a kind of metaphor for having what it takes to be successful. Combined with “Flavor,” these singles serve as a one-two punch that display to the world who he is as an artist and what they can expect from him going forward.

The third single about to be released is called “What’s Up.” Of the four singles about to hit the market, it’s the most different of the bunch, he said.

“It has two different feels to it,” Kese said. “It goes into hip-hop and then into more of a melody. It all feels good and it’s like the others in that you’ll want to listen to it over and over again, but for different reasons.”

The last single is called “Bounce.” It’s a song that Kese describes as a “strip-club anthem.”

“It’s about a girl dancing – simple as that,” he said. “When I was looking at all the songs I’d created, I realized I didn’t have a strip club anthem and I figured it was time for one. So I got the beat and I put the lyrics to it and it just kind of came from there. It’s definitely a song people are going to want to play over and over again.”

Fans who want more information about upcoming music releases can follow Kese on social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For bookings, email

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