October 19, 2016

Artist E-Reign Announces Release of Future of New York

Long Island, New York – Long Island native Emile Lapaix Jr., better known as E-Reign, has been pursuing music since the young age of ten. A lover of music of all genres, E-Reign draws inspiration from all types of sounds and music, which helped diversify his own sound. The artist’s music was profoundly influenced by classic rappers such as Nas, 2Pac, and LL Cool J; their ability to connect to their audience the root of his affinity for their music. E-Reign’s list of accolades is long and impressive, with notable awards such as 2014 Forbes Music Inc. Performance Artist Of The Year.
E-Reign’s newest project, a mixtape entitled Future of New York Vol. III is the artist’s third drop in five months. “I’ve kept busy,” laughs the up and coming star. The album is hosted by Chicago’s own DJ Smoke and features a wide variation of tracks from club records, to songs about the goings on of society – police relations and racial disparity. At the root of all of E-Reign’s music is his distinct ability to relate to people. The connection drives his lyrics, and is the artist’s central reason for his art. “Music is all about connection,” explains E-Reign, “The power of music and what it does to and for the people.”

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