September 06, 2016

Mike Lawry Puts the "Hip" in Hip-Hop

Mike Lawry is an relatively new male rap artists hailing from Chicago, IL . His real name is “Michael” which he shortened to “Mike” when starting his career. Lawry started loving music at a young age, dreaming of a long-lasting music career, Mike earned a B.A in mass communications at Rust College in Holly Springs, Miss., before he realized that music was his true passion,and is now enrolled at The University of Mississippi pursuing a M.A in Integrated Marketing Communications, and is setting forth to start a legitimate music career. Mike will be putting his first mixtape out titled “Food 4 Thought” in a couple of months. Recently he has performed at the SCM awards in Memphis, TN during the performance Lawry drew the crowd in and delivered a level of energy that had the crowd pleading for more. Not many people have heard of Mike Lawry, but it’s certain that his name will become more known over time.
As a young adult Michael was heavy in the streets. He was arrested in 2008 for Unlawful Use of a weapon. After experiencing incarceration, Mike Lawry acquired his GED, then went on to graduate from rust College. While at Rust he pledged as Omega Psi Phi. Mike is from the most dangerous area in the caitiff Chicago..Southside Englewood. He is the youngest of 5 with 1 brother and three sisters. He has never even seen a picture of his father. His mother was addicted to drugs, but a strong and deep lady who taught him how to carry himself and express himself through music, she still gives Mike her absolute best. Mike Lawry recently signed with B&B Marketing/Management in June of 2016.

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