August 08, 2016

Young Finessa Releases Mixtape 2Sides2EveryStory

Pine Bluff, AR– Born Chermaine Jenkins, artist Young Finessa has seen the depths of struggle in his hometown of Gould, Arkansas. At the mere age of three, the performer would witness the horrific shooting of his sister’s father. His death became the catalyst for his move around the country, inevitably to Georgia where the budding artist took a liking to music. Young Finessa began watching underground artists and battle rappers on shows such as Ultimate Rap League hosted by Smack White, and finally took pen to paper to craft his first song in 2015, entitled “We’ll Never Know.”

Now, the Arkansas native is giving rap listeners a taste of his hometown in his latest mixtape under record label Onslot Musik.  The mixtape is a tribute to the streets, where Young Finessa sheds a different light on areas people see as “bad.” Says the artist, “I want to give people a different perspective on my city, and not just see the crime.” He continues, “There’s so much that people don’t see – people doing things for the kids, the music.” He’s inspired by his city, and by his two little girls, who are his music’s biggest fans. “When I see them dancing to my songs, I know I’ve made a hit,” the artist laughs.

While Young Finessa aims to top the charts and spread his music to the masses, money and fame aren’t the ultimate goals. Inevitably, once the artist “makes it” to the top, he’s bound and determined to give back to the community that shaped him as an artist and person. “I want to be an inspiration, and give people a bigger option,” he explains, “I want to tell them ‘You don’t have to be in the streets.’”

The budding star is one to watch, remarking, “I’m on my way.”

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