August 16, 2016


Most artists would love to have a career that gets them four seats away from mega-star Beyonce.

Tia P isn’t most artists.

In fact, this one-of-a-kind 23-year-old musician has her sights set on the same stage as Beyonce. She wants her career in music to be trend-setting, and her new single “4 Seats From Beyonce” is a bold statement that what she’s begun today is only the first step toward superstardom.

“This song is about going from where I was to where I want to go and showing that journey as an artist,” Tia P said. “I’ve been making music as long as I’ve been breathing, and I won’t be satisfied until I make it all the way to the top. I’m paving my own lane with my style of music – it’s contemporary, but not with a cookie-cutter vibe.”

One line of the song says, “They finally letting me loose, they ain’t letting me in. I stuck my foot in the door, and I ain’t exiting.” Tia P said it’s a metaphor for desires and ambitions. Her play on words displays an artist who started out in the nose-bleed section, worked her way to the box seats and eventually made it to the floor seats. But those seats are still four seats away from where she really wants to be.

“It’s about having a desire not to settle, but to pursue your dreams and having enough perseverance to go after what you want,” she said. “Even if the odds seem stacked against you, that should be the fuel you need to go after what you want.”

To date, Tia P. has seen modest success in her career. Both her parents are professional musicians, and Tia has used her knowledge of the music industry to work hard toward making a name for herself. She’s headlined music festivals and was the cover story for a feature in a recent article in the LA Sentinel. Over the past year she’s been able to collaborate with some bigger names, such as Jairus “J.Mo” Mozee and Eric Seats. And she recently signed a licensing deal with Riptide Music Group. She’ll be releasing an EP on her own label later this fall. In addition to the above, she landed a Pepsi commercial featuring Tori Kelly and she's signed to ABA Talent Agency.

Before devoting herself to a career in music, however, Tia P chose to complete a four-year degree at Howard University. She has a major in psychology and a minor in music. She said part of her decision to complete her degree was to show fans how important it is to get an education – an education, she said, that has helped make her a better song-writer and lyricist by making her metaphors richer and full of depth.

“I’ve always been a word-smith, metaphorically speaking,” she said. “I intertwine my metaphors so they’re a play on words – as opposed to saying the obvious. I like to showcase this as much as possible. That’s why I started doing Minute Music Mondays on my YouTube channel. I release some form of music every Monday, just to give fans a flavor of what I can do. Every song on Monday has a different twist to it – something different artistically. I might beat-box on one of them, or do something jazzy on another one. They’ll be songs that are familiar, but I still put my spin on it.”

Fans who check out her music will realize that Tia P is one of the hottest new artists in the country because of the combination of a unique new sound and a hungry passion for success. She’s determined to work hard, and take her early success to new levels. In five years she hopes to be headlining her own worldwide tour, but mostly she wants her fans to love her music so much that they have to play it over and over again because they can’t get enough of it.

“I want them to hear my music and say, ‘I gotta hear that again!’” she said. “I want them to almost be overwhelmed to the point that they have to listen to it again and again and have to tell someone else about it. It can be an inspiring chain. It’s not just what they hear in the moment – it’s a chain of moments. It’s the spark to light something else. They’ll remember that spark and they’ll want to ignite it again.”

To hear more of Tia P’s music, fans can check out her Minute Music Monday submissions on YouTube. Her new single, “4 Seats from Beyonce,” is available on Soundcloud. And fans can follow her on social media @iamtiap on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. For booking, or more information, contact 6x Management at

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