July 07, 2016


“I’m the only one who made it out the West without Dre,” YG says on his second studio album. I thought about that line for a while and I realized that it’s kind of true. The album is called Still Brazy, the proper follow-up to My Krazy Life. I don’t see why YG didn’t call his first album My Brazy Life. I actually enjoyed My Krazy Life, YG’s gangsta lyrics combined with the banging sound of DJ Mustard’s beats.
YG actually dropped two projects after My Krazy Life and before Still Brazy. The first was a soundtrack to his short film, Blame It On The Streets. The second was a mixtape with rappers Blanco and DB Tha General called California Livin. The mixtape was produced by Cookin Soul. Imagine if Doggystyle was created in 2015, had one good rapper and two other bad ones and production that’s good but not great, that’s what California Livin was like. For Still Brazy, I was hoping that YG would combine the DJ Mustard production from My Krazy Life and Cookin Soul’s combination of west coast G-Funk and the sounds of west coast hip hop from today on California Livin. That’s not really what we got on Still Brazy. Neither Mustard or Soul show up on the album. DJ Swish produced the majority of this album. 'Twist My Fingaz' is kind of G-Funk influenced, I prefer the production on the previous projects more. Right now it sounds like I'm gonna go in on this album but I actually like it, a lot.

     YG is rapping on this album better than he’s ever rapped before. YG has an interesting perspective when he raps considering he’s young, a member of the bloods, a father, and a rapper. On Still Brazy, he addresses getting shot on 'Who Shot Me', Police Brutality on 'Police Get Away Wit Murder', and Donald Trump on 'FDT'. YG also continues rapping about what goes on in Compton/Bompton on 'Don’t Come To LA,' 'Word Is Bond', 'Twist My Fingaz', and the most of the album. I think that the concept of 'Gimmie Got Shot' was very interesting and creative. The song is about people who ask YG for things, calling them Gimmie, and how he’s tired of Gimmie. If the album was produced by Swish, Terrace Martin, DJ Mustard and Cookin Soul, this album would’ve been so much better. The best produced tracks are my favorite tracks on this album. Lyrics are very important but for YG’s music, production is essential.

Chillest Tracks: Twist My Fingaz, Gimmie Got Shot, Police Get Away Wit Murder

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