June 06, 2016


Gucci Mane may go down as the hardest working man in hip-hop when it’s all said and done. Even during his three years n prison, Big Guwop still managed to release dozens of albums, mixtapes, and EPs before his official release from prison a few weeks ago. A music page on Tumblr has taken it upon themselves to upload Gucci’s entire mixtape discography from 2006 to 2016 which can be downloaded by clicking on four links. The entire file is about 4GB so download and enjoy. Click here to download
Chicken Talk
Bird Flu
Ice Attack 1 & 2
No Pad, No Pencil
Chicken Talk 2
Definition Of A G
EA Sportscenter
From Zone 6 To Duval
Gangsta Grillz: The Movie
Gucci Sosa
Mr. Perfect
So Icey Boy
Writings On The Wall

Bird Flu 2
Bird Money
Burrprint: The Movie 3D
Cold War Series
Gangsta Grillz: The Movie pt.2 (The Sequel)
Kitchen Talk
Burrrrprint 2 HD
Buy My Album
Ferrari Music
Free Gucci
Jewelry Selection
Mr. Zone 6

Bricksquad Mafia
Free Bricks
Free Gucci 2
Gucci 2 Time
Writings On The Wall 2
I’m Up
Trap Back
Trap God

Diary Of A Trap God
Free Bricks 2
Money Pounds Ammunition Trap Back 2
Trap God 2
World War III Vol. 1 (Lean)
World War III Vol. 2 (Molly)
World War III Vol. 3 (Gas)

Big Gucci Sosa
Brick Factory
C.N.O.T.E Vs. Gucci
The Green Album
The Purple Album
The Return Of Mr Perfect
The White Album
Trap House 4 Y
oung Thugga Mane La Flare
Dessert EP
King Gucci
Mr. Clean The Middle Man
The Spot Soundtrack
Trap House 5
Views From Zone 6
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