April 27, 2015


"Molly and that whiskey, that's Monica Lewinsky!" This was one of the many chants I heard from more than 20,000 people as I experienced the Woodstock-like sea of fans that were participating in G-Eazy's performance. G-Eazy  called it, "One of the the biggest college music festivals in the world." To anyone that was participating, that was the only way to describe it but to others, another way to describe it would be the thirteenth installment of Prime Social Group's Numberfest, located at Ohio University in Athen's Ohio.

How did all of this start? That is a great question that Dominic Petrozzi, The founder of the Numberfest franchise and his family, can help with.

Since bringing many names from music such as Mike Posner, Fly Union , Steve Aoki, Kendrick Lamar, 3LAU, EV , Curren$y , Krewella, Machine Gun Kelly, Timeflies, and even 12th Planet, Prime Social Group is refining Ohio for its true potential with the solution to sewing a very memorable legacy through consistent content with superior safety and passion as the backbone.

The full 21 artist lineup for the 13th Numberfest is as follows:
Diplo, Schoolboy Q, G-Eazy, Boregous, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Branchez, Dj Sliink, Lost Kings, Denzel Curry, Curtis Williams(of Two-9), KembeX, Clockwork DJ, 4B, E-V, Lamb$, Gio, ChrisMars B, E-Trayn, Courrupt, Tezo, and Ezzy

PSG has also brought on board the Columbus based company, AnimalXHouse to bring on a second stage to the festival which finally gives the event that perfect contrast balance between the commercial and current counterculture. As a participate of multiple festivals, I felt that the number-fest's previous lineups never really had that genuine staple of counterculture without compromising some type of factor in the experience, but the second stage (that was presented by Jagermeister) made the experience flawless and even better.

While being a part of the festival, One thing that definitely set this apart from any event done in Ohio is their superior organization. I had a great experience with every single person behind the scenes and even saw some familiar faces which doesn't always prove to be the case at other Ohio events. Festivals are supposed to be a very incredible exhibition of sync that everyone feels at once through music and the experience to me.

Although muddy and maybe uncomfortable when it is not a perfect 79 degrees like this year's fest, this has proven to show case the next generation of musicians, DJs, photographers, and anyone else involved in the field of art and music business. I think a very big problem that consistently plagues northeastern Ohio's music scene is the lack of proper networking through a festival event. To bring something of this quality is going to be important for the development of solidifying talent the right way in Ohio.

So with all that being said, my next question is : when are they announcing the date for 14 fest?

Tre Smith

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