November 14, 2018

Rapper Teflon Don Makes Song About Personal Issues

 Rapper Teflon Don, a Memphis, TN native is amped up about releasing his latest single Ride with Me, on all digital platforms. Ride with Me was recorded in EBMS Studios, in Minneapolis, MN. It was mastered by, mixed by Hc The Chemist, produced by @YankesPro (Europe), Executive produced by Donald Askew Jr., written by Donald Askew Jr. and Hc The Chemist, artwork by Vizion Jones of EBMS Studios, published by Memphis Soul Star Publishing/ BMI/ Songtrust, and is under the label Soul Star Entertainment.

Ride with Me is currently available for purchase on all digital platforms.

Teflon Don illustrates through lyrics a conversation of heartfelt life experiences and lessons he’s learned in the music industry and in his personal life. “Ride With Me” paints a picture using captivating lyrics along with a calculated blend of haunting and atmospheric melodies. Teflon speaks on trademarks, money gains and losses, politics, the music industry, police brutality, love, life and much more.

Crunk, down south hip-hop, describes the sound of Teflon Don, reflective of his hometown Memphis, TN. With a soulful and rich voice, he delivers his music with a passion that resonates with all listeners. Crunk is a style of hip hop music that originated in Memphis, Tennessee in the early 1990s and gained mainstream success around 2003–04.

He lives by a simple mantra: “God, the Government, and the Game.”

Teflon Don's music reflects his life and his thoughts. Each song possesses different characteristics, that provoke people's emotions and help motivate and inspire people who share his similar feelings and upbringing.

November 12, 2018

The Unfinished Story - "The Wake Up Call"

The Unfinished Story hits timelines with a dope new track entitled "The Wake Up Call,' which is the lead track off his newest EP entitled 'The Distance Between You and Me.' Give it a spin via Spotify and be sure to snag the entire project on your favorite streaming platform if you like what you hear!

B-Eazy - "Lost in the Sauce"

Wisconsin-based hip hop artist B-Eazy hits our timelines again, this time with his debut album entitled 'Lost in the Sauce.' Give the 12 track effort a spin, and be sure to add your favorite tracks to your Spotify playlists.

November 11, 2018

Genesis Blu ft. Kam Franklin - "Soul"

Genesis Blu, native Houstonian and self-proclaimed Raptivist, was named “The Blue Haired Matron” of hip hop by Texas Monthly. Genesis tabled her psychotherapy Ph.D for a career in music and advocacy. The song "Soul," featuring Kam Franklin of the critically acclaimed band, The Suffers, confronts America's inconsistencies in supporting causes that only benefit the individual and not the greater good. The song is accompanied by a powerful music video highlighting the controversy surrounding a facility scheduled to become a new child detention center in Houston, Texas. Genesis makes a call to action for unity and solidarity with the hashtag #Whereisyoursoul?

November 10, 2018

FB Money Mo - "Fakin'"

Mr. Mince Productions, founded by former NFL veteran Jeremy Mincey, are proud to present their first release with a young southern hip hop duo named FB Money Mo. The duo consists of Scott Fendi and MM Bari who are repping Jacksonville, FL. In this release, the two drop a music video for their record "Fakin'" which will appear on their upcoming EP.

Trensetta & VEZ - "Trash"

We’ve heard a lot of heat from New Mexico upstart VEZ in the last few months. Today, he plays the role of the featured guest while his homie (and fellow NM resident) Trensetta takes center stage with his new heater, “Trash.” Watch as the duo call out the competition and turn garbage into gold with this new Bearmakehits produced banger “Trash.”

Sy Mosquiat - "Mood" (Video)

Philly's Sy Mosquiat shares his raw visual for "Mood," which was on his most recent mixtape, Grease. Check out the Lay Tahir directed clip above, and be sure to tune into Sy's Instagram for 365 Days of Grease where he has been dropping a freestyle everyday of 2018.

Thepartyyykingg - "Hurt You" (Audio)


Indianapolis, IN based recording artist Thepartyyykingg shares his latest release "Hurt You."

Always having a passion for music, the newcomer finally decided to put his best foot forward and take it serious. From a brief struggle with depression, Thepartyyykingg found motivation and encouragement from his family to channel his life through his music.

"Hurt You" serves as the first release off his forthcoming album "My Way Out." Listen below.

November 09, 2018

Political Peak - "One Step"

Rising artist Political Peak has been rapping alongside some of of South London's most notable heavyweights since he was only 8 years old. Today, we are stoked to bring you the visual to he track "One Step." Give it a spin and be sure to add the track to your Spotify playlists if you like what you hear!

November 07, 2018

SO ft. Lejend & B Marie - "I Like That"

Rising artist SO links with Lejend and B Marie for "I Like That." Give it a spin and let us know what you think!

Eman Get Dough - "Pray"

Serving as his first official drop since the release of 'Under The Influence,' which included a standout verse from Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Eman Get Dough (@emangetdough) liberates the music video for "Pray." With a grape Arizona in hand and some diamond flooded chains around his neck, the Benny Flash-directed clip finds the Miami native reflecting on how far he's come while still acknowledging the struggles he still faces daily.
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