May 13, 2019


Pittsburgh standout REALLIFEALWAYS just unleashed a well-crafted three-piece set of singles that showcase his vast skill for producing and vocals. He does a tremendous job of meshing his melodies and tone with the beat's vibe, all coming together for a strong offering from start to finish. Toss in some quality songwriting and you've got yourself an infectious few songs to tide you over until his next wave of music.

SoloSam - "Safe Keeping"

SoloSam is swinging for the fences. His last release "Highly Favored" proved to be a fan-favorite, and acted as an appetizer for his newly unleashed two-track EP "Safe Keeping." Give it a spin via Spotify now and be sure to add it on your favorite streaming service if you like what you hear.

LloydThe2nd - "Trifecta"

LloydThe2nd hits timelines with his new 3-track project 'Trifecta.' Give it a spin and be sure to snag it on your favorite streaming platform if you like what you hear.

Yvng Leaf - "Rockstar Team" (Music Video)

Yvng Leaf is a young-rising artist from Prussia, Pennsylvania. For his latest release, he brings the life to the party in the visual for “Rockstar Team”, which was produced by Leaf himself along with ThomasJay. Tune in on “Rockstar Team” below and stay tuned for more heat from Yvng Leaf in the coming months.

Adjnamedroach - "Don't Come For Me" (Music Video)

For his latest release, Florida-native Adjnamedroach delivers a new visual titled "Don't Come For Me" directed by Elan Brooks of Sentry Studios. It’s part of a series of videos Roach plans to put out in 2019 and is an excellent representation of how far he’s come as a writer and performer. Watch now via YouTube!

Loko Luca - "Misfit" (Music Video)

Rising talent from Atlanta, Georgia, Loko Luca shows why he’s will soon be a household name from his City with his latest visual, “Misfit.” The track is a dark, brooding trip through the mind of an outsider and the visual perfectly translates the song’s message in an artistic way. “Misfit” appeared on his recent body of work, “FTW.” Press play below!

May 07, 2019

Billie Band$ - "Mattress"

Texas rapper Billie Band$ triumphantly returns today with a tremendous new record entitled "Mattress." It's a bangin' cut on which Billie shows off his southern flair and flavor as an artist, laying down some fire verses along the way. He's long been a consistent piece of the crowded Texas music scene, and has a whole lot of bombs to drop in the coming months. Stay tuned for more music from him soon and enjoy his latest jam "Mattress" on all streaming platforms.  

Kresnt - "Rumi's Reflection"

Vancouver's Kresnt woke up this morning to find that has brand new release, "Rumi's Reflection" sat at #2 on Turkey's Top 10 Album Chart on iTunes, and #29 on Canada's Top 30 Album Chart. Not bad for an Afghani-Canadian rap up-and-comer. Give it a spin here!

May 02, 2019

Goddessy - "Raw Ass Bitch"

Goddessy plays no games with her new single, “Raw Ass Bitch.” Give it a spin via Spotify and let us know what you think! Be sure to add it to your playlists if you like what you hear!

April 30, 2019

Mula Kkhan - "Dead or Alive"

Mula Kkhan has been building a name for himself with a slew of hard-hitting songs and videos, and his latest record might be his best yet. Produced by Juice Rose, "Dead Or Alive" is a dark banger on which Mula lays down some slappin' verses across the booming production, stitching together for a thunderous record that'll have your attention from the moment it drops.

Billionaire Buck - "She Loves California"

Compton, California's Major without a Major artist Billionaire Buck is looking to have a breakout 2019 as he keeps fans, critics, haters, supporters, and the streets anticipating the release of his forthcoming new EP, "Billions" with showcase of his wide variety of styles on the new song, titled, "She LovesCalifornia" where Buck speaks on a certain type of young lady that even though he has the "heart of a eskimo" when it comes to love, this particular young lady has him bending his rules just a little bit. Hit play and vibe out with that "Cali breeze" and some of those "Cali trees."
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