March 18, 2019

Chris Tyson - Aspirin

 Following the release of his Da Vinci's Paradox EP, Chris Tyson delivers the official visual for "Aspirin." Watch the smooth music video above, and revisit the project here.

March 16, 2019

#WeStayChill Artist Spotlight: Crash Barbosa

Crash Barbosa is an American entertainer, from NY, now residing in Los Angeles. Over his career, Barbosa has been an outspoken political activist and a mental health advocate. He has worked in film as well as music. Growing up around the "Hollywood Scene" gave Barbosa an advantage and unique perspective when it came to the entertainment business. Barbosa remained focused on changing the world. Citing that his only motivation to make art is to speak the truth to the masses, Crash is also viewed as a "Disruptor." Barbosa addresses these statements by industry professionals as nothing but the truth, even though he disagrees with the connotation it is used in by many, he is also complimented for creating something new, in an industry desperate for change. Barbosa has always stood behind his words, his politics, and his character. Slowly evolving as the so-called "Dark Horse" artist to watch out for in a rapidly changing political climate, and his displayed "Zero Tolerance" policies on racism calling it disgusting, divide and conquer rhetoric, a practice only sheep partake in. If you're awake, Barbosa will amaze you with his candid authenticity and lack of fear regarding telling the truth, whether its what anybody wants to hear or isn't. If you aren’t concerned with politics, policy, human rights, or just want to dance, Barbosa will shock you with his expression of candid facts. Barbosa explains this; "How people react to the shock of the truth is up to the individual."

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Crash Barbosa

March 13, 2019

Javaris Dwayne - "Playing With Katanas III"

The debut album from Javaris Dwayne is here! This is the final installment in the 'Playing With Katanas' series. 'Playing With Katanas' embodies his love for music, anime, and video games. Collaborating with acts like Toine F.T.N, Jae Shanell, & Banks The FlyGuy, there is a lot to expect from these talents moving forward. Available on all streaming platforms now. Be sure to add your favorite tracks to your playlists!

Kelly Boi ft. Kenny K - "Don't Talk To Me"

Monroe, LA may not be a town that that brings music talent immediately to mind, but it harbors all of the same ills as any major city that spawned your favorite rapper. It is rife with poverty, and people doing whatever it takes to lift themselves out of it. Jahmar Kelly aka Kelly Boi grew up there, the youngest of 5, with a mother widowed by a police shooting. Kelly was a year old at the time. The next 25 years of Kelly's life went much like so many young mens'. Lured in to street life. Six-year stint in the Feds which derailed the music career that until then took second place. Losing his older brother to a twenty-five year sentence and finding his best friend's dead body on his couch. Kelly's saving grace is his love for music and his talent. There is no shortage of stories. It's cathartic. Todays offering is the first of many visuals to come. Watch "Don't Talk To Me" above and stay tuned on the socials.

March 12, 2019

Alabama's Big Cade Is Up Next

From Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the home of the champion Deontay Wilder and The Crimson Tide rises an artist, not just a rapper. Big Cade started his music journey in high school with the show choir. Afterwards, he graduated and went to Alcorn State University a D-1 college on a partial basketball scholarship. After that music was all that was left. With clever wordplay and boastful delivery, it is hard to tell what style he has, it’s almost like a gumbo pot of rhymes and cadences. If you ask him he says “I do whatever the beat commands” When they tell you perseverance is the key, he is the epitome of never giving up. He has opened for the likes of Lil Webbie and Boosie, Lil Wayne, and The Last Mr. Bigg just to name a few. Today he is riding the wave of his mixtape single “Dipset S***” and has been consistent with releasing new music. His latest single “She Kno It” is sure to keep his wave going.

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Twitter: bigcade100 
instagram: bigcade100 
FB: Big Cade 

March 11, 2019

Shemmy ft. Mar Finesse - "I Thought"

It's a blessing that Connecticut is finally getting the shine it deserves. Shemmy and Mar Finesse are at the front of the pack, and continue to impress with a new collaboration titled "I Thought." A bouncy instrumental is polished clean with standout verses from the pair, as Shemmy and Mar prove to make one hell of a duo. Hearing such chemistry between two artists is rare, and I can only hope to hear more from the two together.

March 07, 2019


Growing up in the Bay Area most his life, WITTY already acquired key business fundamentals and a strong work ethic. Once they were applied to his passion for music, it was only a matter of time before he grew to become WITTY, the global multi-genre artist & executive producer. His first 2019 release 'WITTY WORLDWIDE,' an eclectic 8-Song EP, showcases his diverse musical abilities once again. Give it a spin via Spotify and be sure to add your favorite tracks to your playlists!

DJ Greenguy ft. Bossolo & Reime Schemes - "Hands Up Don't Shoot"

“Hands Up Don’t Shoot” is the first single to be released from the Makaveli movie soundtrack. Give it a spin via Spotify and be sure to add it to your playlists.

Watch the official movie trailer here

Major D-Star - "Trap Star"

Major D-Star and his team released “Rappin & Trappin” as part of his MAJOR Monday’s campaign late last year, which was meant to hype us up for his upcoming mixtape, Trap Star — which he’d been prophesizing for a little while at that point. Well, he’s blessed fans with the goods, and we aren’t one bit disappointed.  Give the 12-track project a listen on your favorite streaming platform here and let us know what you think! 

JorGMuziK - "RIDE"

JorGMuziK is back on our timelines with another dope visual to his track called "RIDE." Give it a spin and be sure to keep your ears opened for a lot more content from this rising artist in 2019. Now available on your favorite streaming platform.

March 06, 2019

Texas Rapper L. Dot Delivers Strong Message In “Bad Parenting”

Every parent has messed up, and it’s okay. Being a parent is never easy. There are so many right and wrong ways to raise a child. Behavior around a child can highly influence them, whether it is right or wrong. In the song, “Bad Parenting”, L. Dot talks about some of the things that most would consider a poor choice. Most would consider it to be one of the realest songs out. Millions of parents will be able to listen and find at least one or two lines relatable to them.  The single is produced by none other than Paper Beats. When asked about his favorite line of the song, he said, “ You planting seeds within a seed to where I can't tell if hostility is even wrong or right now." He then went on to say, “Alot of things we say/do in front of kids as parents we never realize what it can influence them to do. What you plant in a child's head can impact them forever.”The single released in 2019 and is out for download and streaming on every major music platform. The independent emcee is signed to a label known to the public as  #BARLIFE Inc which is short for: Be A Real Life Influence For Everyone.

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